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Spam company tries to create a content marketing moment with a dog whistle headline but buries the lede that they're a spam company.

Question about the phrase 'dog whistle headline'.

I thought a dog whistle in current popular use was a headline or sentence meant to imply something hidden, usually racist/sexist/other-ist. Like the phrase 'those people' or something like that.

How is this headline implying anything other than what it says, or is my interpretation of that phrase wrong?

A real "dog whistle" is used to get the attention of the dogs and tell them to do something.

A dog whistle headline would therefore be attempting to round up a bunch of people to fight their fight for them.

And had they been doing good, wholesome things at their company instead of creating spam tools, it probably would have worked. Unfortunately for them, people are starting to learn to dig a little deeper before getting out the pitchforks.

A real dog whistle is heard by dogs but not people so the phrase is about things addressing a specific subset of the audience in some un-obvious and underhanded way. This headline doesn't - simply misrepresenting yourself by omission or trying to enlist a paypal ragemob to your cause is not a 'dog whistle'.

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