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To you - my advice would be to outsource implementation of FB logins. For your girlfriend, and in general, for people looking for odd jobs, it is understandably impossible to avoid the platform.

I have considered outsourcing logins (and similarly ethically distasteful work) and even contacted some third parties to do it. However, I ran into two issues which caused me to abandon the idea:

1. When I considered the necessity of onboarding a third party, it's very difficult to prevent the cost from becoming prohibitive.

2. My client hired me because he wanted ME to do the work. I have over a decade of industry experience, lots of high-quality training, speak English fluently and am good at communication. Those skills and experience result in me producing quality work. The only way I was able to subcontract to someone in such a way that the cost approached not being prohibitive was to hire developers from the third world. That puts me in the position of a) trying to sell my client on lower-quality developers at basically the same cost, or b) doing this in secret, which I refuse to do, because it's unprofessional and worse than implementing Facebook in my personal ethics.

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