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>Every Friday go online and withdraw all-but-the-necessary £€$$ to your bank account (transfer wire or via card number). I do get some revenue via PayPal, and the very same day (or the next) I 'download' comes it to my bank account (connected to PayPal via card) and IMMEDIATELY is shipped to another account that has all the controls to make money (relatively) unmovable.

PayPal does have a feature they don't advertise named Auto Sweep, which withdraws any balance in your account each day. You need to contact support to enable it.

YMMV I am ok doing from my app every other night. It takes 5mins to withdraw to my card/account. I keep a certain balance and everything over that amount comes down to safety.

It'd be better if there were a way to autosweep to a paper check or fedwire if Auto Sweep's terms doesn't specifically prohibit Paypal from generating a withdrawal that backs out the ACH deposit.

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