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I integrated PayPal now for 12 years. No problems whatsoever so far. Just as another anecdotal data point.

Given the amount of horror stories about PayPal, "it won't happen to me" seems like an incredibly risky stance. Of course there are many, many people using PayPal without issue, but these stories show that it can happen to anyone at any time for no reason, no matter how long they've been happily using PP.

Most of the real horror stories about PayPal are about companies that are doing something that PayPal wouldn't want to be associated with, such as Spam, Porn, or filesharing. some of the stuff is already in their ToS, but quite a few of the stories came from before they had it explicitly in their ToS.

So I'm not surprised that people continue to think "It won't happen to me" if they don't think they're doing anything "wrong".

"Most" horror stories, sure, but not all. I've heard more than enough where the cause seems to be that somebody did a chargeback or other things that were out of control of the company in question. There was one particular case a few years ago, where a sudden burst in volume seems to have triggered it.

Bottom line is, its a huge risk. I wouldn't want to base my business on such a significant risk and at least have a fallback in place.

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