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As a consumer, I like PayPal because it allows me to shut off a payment stream when I want to.

A prime example was when I subscribed to NYTimes, and a few months later wanted to cancel. The only way to cancel was to make a phone call, navigate a phone tree, and wait for an agent. That was absurd, not only because I'm international and find it less convenient to call a US number... but particularly because I signed up and created the subscription online. NYT knew what they were doing by making it difficult for people to cancel.

With PayPal in between, I was able to easily just terminate the agreement. NYT could no longer suck money out of my card.

Technically you could still owe them that money... Just because you don't pay it doesn't mean that the contract gracefully ends.

You could argue about this. It is also questionable, where the contract was made. New York City? The place where the server is based? The place where the international customer is based? What law should apply? And if a company makes it unreasonable difficult to cancel a subscription then this may be a violation of some laws already. https://www.cnet.com/news/companies-must-let-customers-cance...

I know the point of your story was about being able to cancel, and not specifically NYT, but since others might read your anecdote and be turned off of NYT:

NYT has since upgraded to allow managing your subscription online, including upgrade/downgrade/cancellation.

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