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> * Uber charged $1500 to my debut card a few months ago. There's literally nobody you can call about it.

And here I thought small claims court was a thing in the US as well

The problem is that most terms of service include forced arbitration clauses. Even if they don't, you generally have to sue in the jurisdiction where the company is incorporated, which for the vast majority of people, is very far away.

That's not true, you can sue a company that does business in your state, in your local small claims court.

I am not a lawyer, but I have sued out-of-state companies in my home jurisdiction.

Is Uber doing business in a state just by virtue of having customers and contractors in that state? It has offices in various places, but I assume not all states.

I am not a lawyer, but my take is:

Just customers, no, probably not.

Contractors? Yes. Especially contractors that are performing services there.

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