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Maybe, just maybe, we can decide if content platforms are responsible for user content or not.. and stick to that decision.

Quite frankly i am against any form of censorship.

Let's say you make users responsible for the content they create; how do you intend to enforce that?

Country A's User B uploads Content C that User D in Country E find's objectionable, or in Country E is illegal to view or possess, while in Country A is perfectly legal.

How do you enforce that? Labels or tags aren't the answer, because Content C could be labeled/tagged as X,Y,Z where X,Y,Z are orthogonal to the content, and bear no relation to it.

Do you allow it to be viewed by User D, and if it isn't legal, then put that on User D to be responsible to...what? Unview it?

More than a few of these problems are all because we humans have decided without consensus or agreement that some information is "bad" while other information is "good", and even that "good" information is only viewable by certain people of that group who meet a certain age requirement.

All of it is very arbitrary, and at odds with itself on the world stage.

This issue won't be solved easily, if at all. Instead, we'll likely just continue to make more convoluted laws that can't be followed and/or all descend into totalitarian walled garden states isolated from each other while atrocities continue behind those walls, telling each other within that "we're the free and prosperous ones; those over there are not".

Why does this narrative seem so damn familiar...?

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