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Quantity isn’t always the most important quality. The US (and the UK?) seems to present propaganda as something the bad guys do, which is easier to believe if the changes are limited. Limited doesn’t mean unimportant, and it being limited forces focus on important changes.

(I’m not assuming competence here: I assume that’s random over time)

So, you say, Russia seems to counter-present USA propaganda as something the good guys do? It's looks stupid. Maybe I misunderstood you. Can you say explicitly, who does good propaganda, and who does bad propaganda? Who is good and who is bad?

ben_w on May 9, 2019 [flagged]

Mainly I’m saying that the propaganda produced by the USA says “Propaganda? Us? Please put away your tinfoil hat, only bad guys do that.”

I don’t know what Russia’s self-image is, but the impression I have from the outside is that it might as well be “<green frog emoji> Работа для нас в государственной пропагандистской компании <Russian flag emoji>”.

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