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Couldn't they take down the content but keep it available for neutral third parties to evaluate and collect?

There has to be a better way to collect evidence of war crimes than leaving decapitation videos visible on social media for all to see.

Maybe the ICC could even launch their own platform where this kind of content can be submitted.

Removed videos need not be graphic. War crimes take many forms. Bombings of hospitals and schools. Mass shellings of cities. Destruction of vital infrastructure, etc.

You'll not see any blood or torn bodies. It will just expose lies of some nation state's propaganda.

These kinds of videos get removed too. Either directly or indirectly by banning the entire account, if it posts more videos that are questionable - which is likely. Or because of targetting by trolls using false complaints.

Though I'm not that worried. Many people already know the perils of YouTube, and archive everything at first sight.

It just serves the nation state's propaganda, that is usually left untouched, because it's served via more official media channels.

You don't think there's value in people seeing what horrible things are being committed? If we reduce "news" to the words on a newspaper page or the heavily curated images in a TV news report, who's ever going to give a shit about anything?

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