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The podcast episode "post no evil" about Facebooks moderation problems, covers something very similar where during the Mexican border drug wars people were posting images of dead bodies hung from overpassed and shootouts.

Facebook had internal debates over whether this counted as news or breached content guidelines

I recommend the podcast greatly.

But perhaps we need a simpler approach - a funded "journalism" archive where the tech firms can shift the posts to online storage (ie not delete it) but section it off for later analysis.

Seems the only likely compromise.

Something like the Internet Archive?

Except nobody goes to the Internet Archive unless they're looking for something extremely specific. The benefit of Facebook as a platform is that you can reach a wide audience in a place where often going to the authorities means either jack squat or your incarceration or worse.


I meant to say the Internet Archive can be used as the 'funded "journalism" archive' that GP mentioned.

I did think that was one possibility - but this needs to be funded and supported by the tech firms themselves not handed off and forgotten.

I can imagine a way of referencing these redacted images that facebooks just puts up a big red sign and a warning - but that still allows people to find it and it acts as a full web citizen.

And now Facebook is banning random harmless idiots like Paul Joseph Watson - for 'being a dangerous individual' even though he's clearly not a terrorist or whatever. It's insane.

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