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Facebook is millions, if not billions of tiny public forums. The problem is that people seem to want them all to have the same standards. If you don't want stuff like this on your wall or feed, it's easy to keep out. If the admins of a group don't want this showing up, they too can filter it out. But people seem to be demanding that not only do they not have to see content they dislike, but that no one else can either.

It's the nature of censorship that people want to censor what other people see, not what they see themselves. We believe we're able to make our own decisions and we're in control of our minds, but those other people who aren't us might not be and are in danger of bad influences.

Speak for yourself. People who support censorship, sure. "We"? No.

By "we", I mean most people, as evidenced by all democratic governments censoring various things, presumably because their voters want to prevent the rest of their country from seeing them. Same goes for restrictions on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. People who're concerned about their health won't be doing those things themselves and don't need a law to stop them, but they want to protect what they see as irresponsible other people. That might be a fair judgement but it's still a judgement about other people being somehow weaker and needing to be protected from themselves.

I don't care what you do in your own groups. If you show me pictures of dead people I'm almost certainly banning you from showing up in my feed. And if my feed keeps showing me dead people or other crimes then I would just leave facebook.

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