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I'm baffled why there are no Minecraft clones, a game created by a single person without a budget. The gaming industry is otherwise notorious for ripping of each other's games. Almost all successive games, Minecraft included , started by copying another game (Infiniminer). Or CandySwipe->CandyCrush et.al... I think a MMO version of Minecraft would be interesting.

I feel like people are just willing to pay $25 to get the real thing. Much cheaper than AAA games at $60+, and you get to play the same game as your friends instead of convincing everyone to play minetest or something instead.

It was an even easier decision to buy it at $10 back in the day.

There is Mine Test which is pretty much an open source clone. But competing with a behemoth is hard especially in Minecraft's target demographic.


Yeah, there are a lot of clones, including Survivalcraft (for iOS) and there was one for 3DS before Minecraft was released there. Linden Labs' Blocksworld wasn't a strict clone of Minecraft, but was definitely an attempt to improve it. Also, Fortnite's Creative mode is heavily inspired by Minecraft - many staples of the Minecraft scene, such as 'spleef' games, are being replicated there.

lolwut. There are like ten thousand Minecraft clones out there.

Minetest is an excellent, open-source Minecraft alternative, initially created around the same time:


There are some great servers online like VanessaE's and Illuna, to showcase what the game is capable of with some mods.

Mods are easy to install, in recent versions, directly through an in-game UI.

There are actually many, many games that are quite similar, some of which are quite successful: Roblox, Survivalcraft, Creativerse ... to name just three

There are literally hundreds of Minecraft clones. It created a genre.

There are tons of clones and rip offs. But why would you play them if Minecraft is so cheap, and all your friends are on Minecraft servers, with Minecraft mods?

What? Minecraft is possibly the most cloned game in the world other than Tetris. Here is a list of several dozen Minecraft clones which is 8 years old and probably incomplete


This huge list is from seven years ago. There are many more now.


There has been a boom in crafting/survival games. They just tend to have much better graphics these days.

> They just tend to have much better graphics these days

You can't improve on perfection.

I think Roblox is the nearest clone. It is also very popular.

Roblox predates Minecraft by a lot.

It's also not like Minecraft at all

There's a new game like that coming soon: Hytale. It's from the team behind Hypixel, which is one of the biggest Minecraft servers.

"game created by a single person without a budget" hasn't been true for years now.

Mojang has 76 employees as of 2016.

And there are absolutely endless numbers of games that are influenced by Minecraft's mechanics, Stardew Valley, Stationeers, Ark: Survival Evolved to name just a few.

There are MMO-like MC servers.

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