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While I generally agree with everything you say for a particular audience, i.e., someone who is writing something to explain an idea to someone else, I think that at the same time this scoping limits the utility of Jupyter too much.

I believe that there is an audience for Jupyter beyond just "data scientist", or "teacher". I think that what Jupyter encourages is _experimentation_, and there are lots of folks who could benefit by using Jupyter to experiment with ideas. If you consider programmer as another audience, we all at different points in time experiment with things. Think about all of those random console applications that we've all created at one point or another to learn a new API, or to try out an idea. Jupyter can (and does) excel in these scenarios and handles the mundane task of "writing things down". This is why adding a Jupyter experience to a text editor is something that we're experimenting with as well.

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