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What would be the difference between using this and something like Google Colab?

We were using Colab and Azure Notebooks before, but we found a few not covered requirements. For example:

* We added a way for students to present their projects / analysis in an static blog-looking version of their notebooks. Here's an example: https://notebooks.ai/martinzugnoni/how-to-trade-bitcoin-with...

They can share that version with classmates, and classmates can "fork" the project and do their own changes to it.

* Also, we added a custom JupyterLab extension called "solutions" that allow the teacher to mark certains parts of the notebooks as assignment solution and it will be hidden for the student until they decide to reveal it. Here's how it works:

(teacher) https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/7065401/50402147-1...

(student) https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/7065401/50402146-1...

We now have the ability to keep adding educational relates stuff to it, without depending on Google or Microsoft, that are not focussed on this space.

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