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If only more people would use org-babel...

If you're on emacs and like Jupyter, there's https://github.com/dzop/emacs-jupyter , which is pretty nice. I've been using it for a few days with Julia, and it works really nice. It also allows you to use different kernels from the same org-mode file, though I haven't tried to pass data between them yet (should be possible, though, at least it works in plain org-mode).

I agree. emacs-jupyter is great but I'm eagerly waiting for jupyter notebook server support since my work is on remote clusters now. For local use, it's pretty great.

Emacs jupyter notebook mode (ein-mode) is pretty excellent too. That's my go-to way to connect to jupyter.

Also when using Term2 (on Mac) or a Linux terminal you can configure the backend of matplotlib to draw plots right in a SSH shell, term window, etc. I think this would work fine if you were running emacs with -nw no window option in a terminal.

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