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Can you imagine how much headache would have been saved if Jupyter was basically Rmarkdown with a less R-specific extension and a more general backend? After years with R I've been doing a lot of python work lately and UGH it feel like JupyterLab is a decade behind Rmarkdown.

We wouldn't need special viewers in our source control frontend, or git hooks + tools like jupytext, or in-between editor plugins (VSCode)! By not storing state with input and forcing top-to-bottom linear runs, I think the entire field of machine learning would be significantly more reproducible than it is now.

I totally agree with your sentiment. However, I also think that the popularity of Jupyter is largely due to the fact that it does appeal to a certain type of user.

I do believe that we have room for more than one option. The work that we've done in interactive programming in the Python VS Code extension is one possible approach that folks have seemed to like, and that aligns with what you're saying.

We're going to continue to explore that direction in addition to the Jupyter work that we're doing. Stay tuned!

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