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On the topic of Jupyter Notebooks, Is there something similar to a paid version of Google's CoLab? CoLab is so awesome for creating prototypes and even better since it's free. However, there is no paid alternative that I have seen. I do not want to have to deal with setting up my own VM or server. The way that CoLab is perfect for what I need.

You can use a VM with Colab[1],also paperspace[2]and floydub[3] are other companies providing cloud gpu with notebooks.

[1] https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1Xh0slMoD1dfi8iTQJbO...

[2] https://www.paperspace.com/ml

[3] https://www.floydhub.com/

The OP post is a Jupyter notebook itself and if you sign up to Kyso you can actually Jupyterlab on our cloud and the post the notebooks to the web, or make them private on the paid plan - is that what your looking for?

Yeah but unfortunately there is no GPU support. I wish there was!

Ah yeah ok - we are not planning GPU support soon - what if we created one of those one-click deploy a VM to aws/digital-ocean buttons and from there if you wanted to post to Kyso you could do it with git or our jupyter lab plugin.

You get most of the same experience and you can even customise various of the steps?

Interesting! That would be super awesome. Like a one-click deploy with auto-shutdown after the end of run to save money. I would definitely pay for a service like that!

Google Cloud Datalab seems like it fits the bill: https://cloud.google.com/datalab/

Gryd and CoCalc

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