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This is what we made Kyso for - the linked post is actually a Jupyter notebook itself, the code is hidden by default to make it readable to non-technical people but you can click on the "code hidden" button on the top right to see the code in full.

If github is not working for you well for your notebooks. You can try Kyso by signing up and importing your notebook from Github directly on this page: https://kyso.io/github, or upload it using this page: https://kyso.io/create/study

Disclaimer - I am OP and founder of Kyso

You made Kyso for making GitHub-hosted Jupyter Notebooks render when accessed with a web browser on github.com?

Well, it's one of the ways to post to Kyso, but yeah, you can synchronize your Github repositories to Kyso and choose the notebooks you want to have rendered. When you push changes to the repo, the sister post on Kyso will be automatically updated.

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