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There seems to be a trend of people making a lot of money designing/building stuff that erodes privacy and ethics and then leaving the company where they made that money and talking about privacy and ethics. Take for example Justin Rosenstein who invented the Like button.


He may have created the icon, but the like was invented and released by the team at FriendFeed about 18 months before Facebook copied the feature (in Feb 2009, the article you linked got that wrong).

[1] http://blog.friendfeed.com/2007/10/i-like-it-i-like-it.html

Yeah, it's sort of like large corporations lobbying for regulations in order to prevent future competition.

Also, a developer is someone who wants to build a house in the woods, an environmentalist is someone who already owns a house in the woods.

Reminds me a bit of "get woke, go broke", except this time it looks a bit more like "go broke, get woke"... :)

Except I don't think that's what's happening with Hodent. As far as I can tell, she's pushing towards having a conversation, she's taking a stand against misinformation campaigns that the gaming industry is struggling with just like big pharma - think GMOs, vaccines et al.

I'll encourage all parties to actually have that conversation with Hodent, because otherwise she might just be the next person to be instrumentalised by the trolls and unproductive opinion-shaping forces out there.

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