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I bought an HP x360z Envy recently and added PlayOnLinux which seems to be similar to going through the whole WINE setup of installer -- easy to do. The Android MOBAs I play with desktop client support work without issue. Getting Radeon driver support for VEGA 8 is an entirely different matter though. I'm running Fedora 30 and before that 29, before it's release, the Cheese camera app would flip through and flicker with the IR camera with no easy way to resolve it and thus, making it unusable. It sucks, because the only thing tying me to my Razer Stealth is gaming and that in turn, to Windows. I can't say Razer is hardware I could recommend though, think of it as the Apple of gaming hardware. Steep price with bloatware and in my case, the ocassional repair that leaves you without a laptop for days (my laptop case warped due to heat generated). Rather than replacing it because of fault, they just swapped the case and sent it back. I can expect this issue to happen in a few months again. Razer support is OK -- I've gone through a few cases where I had to talk to a x-tier technician who resolved a problem with the Razer Core e-GPU. Will gaming on Linux ever work? who knows. I'm excited for Google Stadia and hope it doesn't go the way of OnLive.

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