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Enjoyed the hack and the FAQ.

Reading your comment is the first time I’ve ever pronounced FAQ in such a way as to rhyme with “hack” instead of as “fax/facts” or “Ef Ay Qu” or “teh Questions.”

I am happy to add “the hack FAQ” to my snack pack.

I always read FAQ as "eff-aye-que." Relatedly, I recently saw an HN comment with the line "an .edu," referring to the TLD, and at first took it as a grammatical error since I pronounced the "." as "dot" in my head rather than dropping it as the author intended. Then I realised I was pronouncing the whole thing as "an dot ee-dee-you," whereas I would naturally think of ".com" as "dot com." I'm not sure why, but I think one possibility is that the recent proliferation of .io domains has made me think of other less common TLDs as the sum of their constituent letters rather than as fragments of words. Another possibility is that less common TLDs need to be spelled out for people in normal parlance more frequently. Yet, I'm pretty sure I've been thinking of the recently added ".dev" TLDs as "dot dev," not "dot dee-ee-vee," perhaps specifically because I've never had to spell it out for somebody in speech? Or maybe because we use "dev" as a standalone word already, as in "dev house?" I dunno. It would be interesting to see a survey of how different people naturally pronounce acronyms and word-fragment-TLDs like this.

My pronunciations:

* FAQ is "fack", though I hear "eff-aye-que" often enough. * .edu is "dot ee dee you" not "dot ed-you", though I pronounce all of the other old-school domains as words. * .dev is definitely "dot dev", since "dev" is a word.

It may be apocryphal, but I remember reading somewhere that Tim Berners-Lee chose the name "World Wide Web" because the acronym was harder to say than the word itself.

> .edu is “dot ee dee you” not “dot ed-you”

I prefer ed-you, since it’s both shorter and matches the pronunciation of ‘education’. But when I’m feeling saucy, I pronounce .edu “dot eedoo”.

".io" sounds the same whether pronounced or spelled out. We usually pronounce TLD's - com, org, net, ly etc.

Same for Americans, but it’s ‘ee-oh’ for a lot of other languages. I like to say “dot yo” whenever I get the chance, and flash my best west side hand sign.

That was not intended. If I could edit my original comment I'd say it was a great hack and the humor in the FAQ is appreciated.


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