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For other readers: PLT Scheme has become Racket (ship of theseus problem)

According to Wikipedia, the Ship of Theseus problem questions whether an object that has had all of its components replaced is still fundamentally the same object.

<pedantry> If each part is replaced in series, and the identity of the object remains the same after each step, then clearly the object remains the same. For humans identity is thus based on recognizing what you have seen before; it acknowledges mutable state. In this case, if you consider the brand as a mutable property of the object, then yes, the identity of PLT-Scheme and Racket are the same. </pedantry>

Yeah, sorry I didn't make that clear :) PLT Scheme has become Racket... even though its still Scheme.

It looks to me like a lot of the core PLT guys were involved in the R6RS debacle, and didn't like what came out of the process so decided maybe they aren't quite an official "Scheme" anymore per R6RS. Oh the drama...

I don't think so. PLT Scheme was already moving away from R5RS. I think the renaming was to acknowledge that Racket isn't scheme.

That said, I believe the have implemented scheme in Racket. I think PG implemented Arc in it too. It also comes with Algol-68 I think.

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