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There is problem on Windows Vista x64 Professional:

ffi-obj: couldn't get "GetWindowLongPtrW" from "user32.dll" (The specified proce dure could not be found.; errno=127)

=== context === D:\p\racket\collects\ffi\unsafe.rkt:176:2: get-ffi-obj* D:\p\racket\collects\mred\private\wx\win32\utils.rkt: [running body] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\private\wx\win32\sound.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\private\wx\win32\procs.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\private\wx\common\cursor.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\private\kernel.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\private\check.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\mred.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\mred\main.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\racket\gui\base.rkt: [traversing imports] D:\p\racket\collects\drracket\drracket.rkt: [traversing imports]

[Exited. Close box or Ctrl-C closes the console.]

Please report bugs here: http://bugs.racket-lang.org/ Which version are you using?

The one from the website - http://pre.racket-lang.org/installers/full-

I've got it almost working by replacing GetWindowLongPtrW to GetWindowLongW and SetWindowLongPtrW to SetWindowLongW - you have to search in all .rkt files. I also deleted the precompiled .zo/*.dep files (wasn't really sure whether I needed it).

There is a new build at: http://pre.racket-lang.org/installers

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