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>Mostly technical speculation: The horrible binary compatibility story of Linux userland.

This has been effectively solved by three different tools. Take your pick from:

* Appimages

* Snaps

* Flatpaks

Naturally they all have their own upsides and downsides, but if the only thing holding you back from shipping to linux is concerns about fiddling with shared libraries, just pick one at random and move on. I suggest appimages as feeling closest to a fat binary without triggering various licence clauses, deliver it like it's an exe.

Very first AppImage I tried didn't work due to some font library. So nope.

I've built longer lasting pure linux binaries that use SDL with just gcc myself

Hey how steep the learning curve for SDL is for a beginner who doesn't even know C++?

I've had multiple AppImages that didn't even start on some systems. Flatpak and Snap works really well though.

Not to mention Steam ships its own runtime on Linux, and developers can just statically link anything else that they need.

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