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"this is such a long and convoluted conflict" - Not really, this is just a simple case of settler colonialism, anyone who claims that this is a "complex" conflict is either ignorant or deliberately trying to confuse people.

Recommended reading from Theodor Herzl (founding father of zionism) to Noam Chomsky (secular jewish intellectual) for those who are truly interested in the facts:

The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat), (1896) [https://archive.org/details/ajewishstateana00aviggoog]

On Palestine - Noam Chomsky [https://www.amazon.com/Palestine-Noam-Chomsky/dp/1608464709/...]

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe (jewish historian) [https://www.amazon.com/Ethnic-Cleansing-Palestine-Ilan-Pappe...]

Usually people who see things as "simple" when most consider them complex are either extremely smart or extremely shallow. Providing Ilan Pappe as a serious source tells where you are in that range.

Chomsky, being wrong more often than right, is also a buffoon though he "sounds" smart.

I would hesitate to include Ilan Pappe in that list - his academic career is somewhat controversial.


> Not really, this is just a simple case of settler colonialism

wrong on so many level it's not even funny.

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