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> It's still hard to read if you inline multiple ternary operators the way OP suggested is easy.

I disagree. The ternary version is much easier to read than your if-else. If-else statements can feature compound statements and side-effects where the ternary version is simpler because it only returns a value. There are fewer corner cases to consider.

> It adds cognitive complexity, and hides bugs because your brain will fill the details on what it assumes it does, versus the subtleties of what it actually does.

It adds no complexity. It's significantly easier to understand than if-else.

> which isn't quite true. It's actually:

Right, there's literally no semantic difference between those two.

> No - but there is a subtle semantic difference that you have to stop to consider when you're scanning this code.

You really don't. There's nothing special to consider, no corner cases. It's literally condition-on-left-value-on-right.

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