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> Are all these equivalent?

But is that really what you're looking for? I see that idiom and I think, "Ok, this is a comparator" and I move on. If I suspect a _bug_ in the comparator, then I'll look at it more carefully, but the context is about writing code whose intent is clear, not writing code that can be scanned for bugs easily - which would be a tall to impossible order anyway and isn't made any easier by sprawling your code across 10 lines where one will do.

Well that is what I think if it's on the first case I mentioned. I see it contained inside a comp function and I move on.

If I see it "on the wild" (as part of a bigger function), however, my train of thought goes "Wait, why is this piece of code here instead of a function call called `comp`? Is this a comparator or is this something else? Ok geez time to do the javascript eye dancing thing. You know what? I'm just not going to approve this and demand that this piece of code is at least given a proper name and put somewhere. Possibly with unit tests"

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