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Yes, they all agree on simplicity. Part of the problem is that simplicity is not entirely objective.

As an extreme example, people familiar with mathematical notation have a hard time when they start using a programming language that uses '=' for assignment, because they intuitively understand it as asserting equality, which it isn't (x = x + 1 would be paradoxical). And yet we all here presumably think of assignment as something rather simple.

There are plenty of code bases where the ternary operator is used frequently. It's a more succinct (but less versatile) variant of the if/then/else expression that a number of languages have - do you find that confusing when nested?

The ternary operator is just as simple as if/then/else expressions. You may not be familiar with it, which can make it seem non-simple, but then we're just back to the observation that simplicity isn't entirely objective but subject to your background.

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