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IMHO, better but it’s still confusing when you have multiple places where you name the variable. Functional programming style forces you to be more explicit and pushes you to separate out the assignment expression. In Elixir I’d do:

    myVar = 
      cond do
       cond1 -> 1
       cond2 && cond3 -> 10
       cond2 && !cond3 -> 100
       true -> 4
ML languages have similar constructs.

Maybe, but that misaligns the values. I'd rather see them lined up. And often more complex logic may be added to the sub-blocks such that the simple pattern goes away. Code should be able to "degenerate well", meaning it shouldn't require lots of rework when the initial pattern fades or changes in the future. It's one of the reasons I often use If/else instead of switch/case statements.

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