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"We've reimplemented the GUI layer, which meant throwing out about 200,000 lines of C++ code that built on Xt, Win32, and Carbon. We've replaced that C++ code with about 30,000 lines of Racket code that builds on Gtk, Win32, Cocoa, Cairo, and Pango."

That's not the same thing as saying 200K of C++ equals 30K of Scheme.

Right, they could probably have gotten the same effect by staying with C++ and switching to Qt.

but then they'd have 80,000 lines of code of non-racket between the language and the OS's GUI. And they'd still have to build a compatibility layer between existing GUI stuff FFI out to QT.

Seems like this way they suffer through the platform specific pain themselves, but the bugs are all in a language they want to program in.

Of course not. The languages are unrelated, so no precise number of lines in one is equal to any precise number of lines in the other. It is a pretty impressive space savings nonetheless.

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