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>To offer another (subjective) point, I think the lack of semicolons or other statement delimiters does make code harder to read, as it makes it look similar to a run-on sentence

YES!! And what do you think the statement

  return a < b ? -1 : a > b ? 1 : 0;
looks like to many people? One big 'run-on sentence'. It took me a few moments to parse that line. I had a good idea what it was doing, but I had to do a double take to make sure there wasn't some subtle bug in that line.

And that's the point here. In some sense, you are writing to the lowest common denominator. You're a clever guy who can optimize their code to minimize line count and terse statements are obvious to you, but your code will be touched and looked at by developers of all levels. Developers that will have to fix your bugs, and extend your code, or refactor it - years after you write it.

The standard for collaborative programming is to write code to be understood, not to show how clever you are, or to minimize character count or to minimize line count.

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