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Cool write up! I am a huge fan of Nim. I use it as a replacement for small scripts, big scripts, and even real code at work, to interface with other languages that interface with C too.

I see in your post that you are about to look into Nim/C interop; have a look at nimterop[1]. It has been immensely useful to me for wrapping Nim libraries around C code exported from Matlab and to talk with C API for SystemVerilog.

Finally, you blog post shows a snippet of Python code, but also show to the world how the Nim code looks [I know that you are sharing the link to the git repo containing the Nim code, but still] :)

[1]: https://github.com/nimterop/nimterop

Thanks for the link! I will certainly be checking that out! I'm sure there will be a follow up with Nim code front and center :)

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