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DocStation | Senior Product Designer | Austin, Denver, REMOTE (US Only) | http://docstation.co

DocStation is a platform that makes it easy for pharmacists to transition away from dispensing pills to providing clinical care for patients. We built the platform with their workflow in mind as opposed to billing requirements, which plagues most of the industry/market. We’re also in a unique position because the majority of the tech innovation has happened at the Hospital/Health System level while pharmacy has been left in the stone age; which is a huge market opportunity as pharmacy starts to catch up.

We receive data from insurance claims on a daily, weekly, monthly cadence that we transform into patient profiles, medication lists, and insights in the UI in order to augment the clinical work of pharmacists to give them time back in their day. We have lots of data at our fingertips and we need your help presenting it to pharmacists so they can take even better care of their patients.

Apply here: https://docstation.workable.com/j/C2C67B6E2A?viewed=true

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