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Breaking with the left foot sounds really dangerous. What is the right foot doing?

...though I guess you were just reinforcing your point: driving becomes so second nature that you forget the implementation details.

Actually, two feet driving is superior to traditional method in every way, especially on a slippery road. The only problem with it is that when you try it, you are a newbie again, so of course you can mix up pedals just like when you were learning driving. So train it on roads without traffic.


If you are used to a stick shift car, the issue is that the left foot is too 'heavy' and totally lacks the sensitivity to apply the brake.

At least that was my experience. I drove an automatic for the first time some years ago, and that was the only issue I detected.

The fact that you never have to move your feet from the corresponding pedals actually helps to avoid mixing up pedals.

It would be an issue in a rally when downshifts require a bit of throttle and you have to use two feet for three pedals.

Yes, that's a problem, but I'm used to a stick, and that issue was quickly resolved after an hour or two of practicing. One hint - use your ankle muscles, not calf to apply pressure with a left leg. If you don't have a low traffic road to practice, you can use go-kart for that too.

I'm not sure what you mean, but I noticed back when I was driving stick one of the things I do with my left foot (and I hate how I misspoke and derailed stuff) was lifted my heel from the floor of the car.

With my right foot on the gas and on the brakes I can just pivot my ankle to control the pedal with my heel resting on the floor, but with the clutch you typically have to quickly press it in completely, but then slowly and smoothly release it. Which is easier to do with your heel in the air.

People do totally drive two-footed. In a decently new car there's really no downsides, they'll stop themselves from tanking the engine if you mess up and hit both pedals.

In my experience the concern isn't the damage you cause to your car, but the confusion you give the driver behind you when your left foot resting on the break makes your break lights go on and off

Actually some modern cars do not light brake lights if you press on a pedal lightly, I think engineers are two feet drivers themselves. Test yours!

That's standard in racing.

And race drivers can drive normal vehicles too.

Of course, they are the selected elite.

I am just pointing out this is not something that should be forbidden.

Yeah, I misspoke :P "left pedal" vs "left foot".

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