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How about the savings of moving regular anticipated loads to traditionally colo or managed infrastructure? That type of usage much, much cheaper (CapEx+OpEx) than shoving it all on AWS for million$ per month like Apple or Netflix (who can afford it).

Cloud *aaS is best suited to several major use-cases:

0. Experimental projects of limited duration

1. "Peaking" overflow capacity for burst of transactions or daily sinus maximum load (/.-resistance)

2. Batch jobs (ephemeral computing)

3. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BCP)

4. Informal IT to bypass bureaucracy

Source: Hi, I'm a former client-facing Fortune 200 AWS consultant from back in the day. I don't own Amazon stock or have any current conflicts-of-interest.

I found PaaS model a great fit for young startup, however when you want to scale your business, you will have trouble scaling your app with the traditional PaaS (no monitoring, lake of flexibility...)

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