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> You can judge programmer's ability in 60 minutes. [...] What's difficult to judge is, are they organized? are they hard working? [...] do they write great documentation? do they test their code? [...]

You answer in the affirmative, but then go on to clarify that you're excluding 95% of the job. I would simplify this to say "no, you can't".

> Can this person code at all? How well?

He's trying to draw the distinction between these two questions.

The distinction is meaningless. No company wants someone who can merely code (as determined by their ability to solve fizzbuzz-type stuff). They want someone who can code well.

I think you're missing the point.

The purpose is to Filter out people who can't code at all.

If you've ever hired developers you know how many people show up to interviews and genuinely cannot program to save their life.

>>The purpose is to Filter out people who can't code at all.

You shouldn't need a 60-minute in-person interview to figure out that they can't code.

what about someone who can code FizzBuzz well?

Thank you.

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