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Just for context to the GP, Nix channels work basically the exact same way. Or, you can do as I do, and not use channels and always specify the exact nixpkgs revision as part of your Nix file. Anyone can `nix-build chimera.nix` and get a (nearly) bit-for-bit identical build of my laptop, which is great - we don't have to have a conversation about which channel I'm on, or which rev of which channel I'm on, etc.

I can then independently rev the nixpkgs revision and either commit that, or not.

Oh oh, can you show me your chimera.nix file? I'm having trouble finding a correct incantation how to do that and how to use it in an /etc/configuration.nix for NixOS :(

I'm sorry, I tend not to view replies on HN.

Here's my repo: https://github.com/colemickens/nixcfg/

Start in {configurations,machines}/chimera.nix and explore outward from there ;).

EDIT: I forgot, I decommissioned 'chimera' because computers are terrible. `xeep` is probably a better example of what you're looking for. `azera` is an Azure VM that runs the services `chimera` used to host.

Sorry if the repos a bit messy. I don't practice good git hygiene there. Feel free to ping me on the nix IRC rooms or email me. I love NixOS and enjoy evangelizing cool tech.

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