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(Note: we call it "Guix System" instead of "GuixSD" now.)

There is little difference between Guix and the Guix system when looking a little more closely. Even when using Guix as a package manager it won't link with any of your OS libraries, so you end up downloading or building variants of libraries that you may already have on your host operating system --- that's by design as it unlocks reproducible builds.

Why not call it the obvious thing: GuixOS?

The scheme you have now is confusing for no reason. I saw this news on Phoronix and even after reading the article I couldn't tell if it was the pkg manager or the distro that had reached 1.0 (I guess it's both?).

They are both the same. With the "guix system" family of commands you can build containers, VMs, and you can also install a system on bare hardware. Describing it as a package manager really doesn't do the thing justice. You can use all of the "guix system" family of commands even on top of a foreign distribution --- except for "guix system init" which installs the Guix system on your hardware and "guix system reconfigure" which upgrades it on your hardware.

Good to know about the terminology change. Thanks!

I understand what you mean by the difference. (I currently overlay Nix on top of a different Linux distribution.) But without the "system" part, Guix on its own is still not strictly an OS, since there's no kernel being deployed. A pedantic point, but an accurate one I think. :)

True, but with "guix system vm" you also get a kernel --- just inside of qemu instead of bare-metal ;)

Fair point. I stand corrected! :)

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