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This is an absolutely astonishing game-changer for Alzheimer's research. The scientist who discovered prions (and got a Nobel prize for it) now has convincing evidence that the proteins that cause Alzheimer's are themselves prions. Amazing, scary, and hopeful all at the same time.

Well, when you’re an authority on prions everything looks like a prion disease.

As a web developer, I'm curious if Alzheimer's is really a cross-site scripting attack. If so, we could prevent it by encoding the amino entities, and that would be a game changer.

The encoding would have to be part of our DNA though right? Do you think this method would work as a treatment or just as a method of prevention?

I like your mindset and I think your metaphor may be correct.

To someone with minimal background in biology, prions are a fascinating and terrifying phenomenon right out of speculative fiction. Absolutely amazing and scary.

Prions remind me of ice-nine.

Need to read this!

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