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Freenome | South San Francisco, CA | Senior Engineers, ML Engineers, Bioinformatics, DevOps | Onsite | https://www.freenome.com/careers Freenome is an AI genomics company on a mission to empower everyone with the tools they need to detect, treat, and ultimately prevent their diseases. By applying advanced machine learning techniques to recent breakthroughs in genomic science, Freenome is developing simple blood tests to detect early-stage cancer and make treatments more effective.

The Engineering team is responsible for the heart of Freenome - the genomic data, its (anonymized) patient-related metadata, the genomic pipeline, and the Machine Learning platform for running experiments. We run a Postgres/Python 3/React stack on Google Cloud via Docker/Kubernetes. We're a small team looking to expand to nearly 30 by the end of the year, so now's a great time to come for growth opportunities - growing teams around you, working on cutting-edge platforms for pipelines and ML!

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