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Open-Sourcing Ax and BoTorch: New AI Tools for Adaptive Experimentation (facebook.com)
144 points by olibaw 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Cool, MIT licenses this time.

* https://github.com/pytorch/botorch/blob/master/LICENSE

* https://github.com/facebook/Ax/blob/master/LICENSE

It's interesting seeing Facebook's evolving open sourcing strategy, and a bit heartening not to find they're not still pushing the BSD+Patents licenses on everything.

This looks good. Buying and partially reading two of Judea Perl’s books and taking Daphne Kollar’s first PGM class make me feel like I only slightly understand probabilistic reasoning, Baysean optimization, etc. BoTorch looks to be simple enough for me to use.

131 points and only 2 comments at the time of writing.

I imagine most are thinking, “cool, now let me see how I can use this”, but few are actually doing anything comparable at the moment.

If you were in any doubt that FB might know something your startup doesn’t, here you go :)

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