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Uniform Teeth | Full Stack Engineer | SF | $127.5K+ and _good_ equity

We're Uniform Teeth — the first premium, clinically credible consumer brand in orthodontics. We're making orthodontics cheaper, faster, and more accessible for everyone, plus we're backed by the same investors as Warby, Instacart, Casper and GoodRx. Read about us in TechCrunch.

## The Role

Full stack engineers at Uniform use our capabilities to bring complex systems together in an industry (orthodontics) full of antiquated infrastructure. Projects span over our medical record system (UX and API), operations (eg. manufacturing), and apps and to help build critical functionality for customers (patients), clinicians, and support team.

You'll be responsible for owning features end-to-end with a team who loves doing things right.

## Responsibilities:

- Work with a range of systems, processes, and technologies across the stack – from spec to API to UI implementation

- Work with clinical, operational and back office teams to own and solve problems end to end from our EMR (electronic medical record) to our app

- Build new features for patients, clinicians, and support team alike

If you're interested reach out to tony@uniformteeth.com. More: https://bit.ly/2VH180g

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