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Diet ID | Senior Full-Stack Engineer | Detroit, MI USA | Onsite or remote | Full time

Diet ID, designed by leading experts in nutrition and preventive medicine, has reinvented how we assess and improve diets for better health. We empower people to rapidly figure out where they are and where they want to go, and give them a guided, step-by-step path to get there using a quick and accurate image-based pattern-matching system. Learn more about us at https://dietid.com

We are looking to hire a Senior Full-Stack Engineer to join our small team. Ideally you can join us on-site at our main office in Detroit, but we are a semi-distributed company with employees in New York, Connecticut and Texas as well.

Our application is a Ruby on Rails back-end with a React front-end (and some React Native). If you're deeply familiar with these (or similar) technologies, and find the idea of helping people assess and improve how they eat for better health, then please send a resume to tech@dietid.com. Thanks!!

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