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Congratulations, this is an idea I’ve long sat on. I used to travel a lot on trains and planes, and always wished there was a way to break the ice with fellow travelers without looking like a psycho or annoying chatterbox (particularly early in the morning). There are additional challenges for those situations (bad connectivity), so I am not recommending to pursue that story, I’m just saying I think you had the right idea. Good luck!

I remember when Bluetooth first became a thing on phones people used use that for local chat (or just sending funny pictures). I kind of miss that about Bluetooth so I think this app idea is a stroke of genius.

Now I just get unsolicited dick picks via Apple AirDrop.

I remember comedians trying to turns airdrop into a comedy opportunity. They had to stop pretty quickly, for the same reason. Most of them now explicitly disable Airdrop before going on stage, if they have to work with iOS devices.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, episode 18747401929283.

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