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This is a well-written comment from an interesting point of view. That's all you need to write a blog article.

Writing HN comments is much easier than writing blog posts because the inspiration is the story that's been linked to; for a blog post you don't have that starting point, you just have a blank page. That's a heck of a barrier for most people when they're starting out.

I've considered rolling comments I've made here into blog posts. I'm not sure if that's a fox paws[0], though.

[0] I know. I did it on purpose.

If it's insightful/interesting - why not?

It's incredibly hard to search HN comments via search engines too, but I've definitely come across comments that just made me stop and think.

Jokes are like code. If you have to explain then it's probably not very good. ;)

I take great joy in awful jokes and puns. For some reason they make me very happy.

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