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Hi, no problem for me with the off-topicness: I said I'd gladly answer questions : )

As dsincl12 wrote it's indeed a 38": the LG 38UC99-W.

And you're correct, good catch: it's the Awesome WM running on Linux (Debian Stretch). For the geeky details: it's Awesome WM but with a patch I modified doing "useless but not useless" gaps. Basically it adds gaps between the top bar and between the windows, but it doesn't add gaps on the edge of the screen (which to me makes the more sense but YMMV).

So yeah a Core-i7 6700 / 16 GB of RAM / NVMe M.2 PCI-e 3.0 x4 SSD, which is my daily workstation (as I wrote elsewhere in this thread: I solved this on my everyday workstation).

I've got 12 virtual workspaces set up and my "main" one is in a three columns layout (with Emacs in the middle ;)

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