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Very interesting. I always assume VPN providers are dishonest at best and hostile at worst.

Does anyone know which VPN/proxy provider is the one labeled "A" (with claimed proxies in almost every country)?

I played with this approach last year.[0] HMA was the worst. At most half of their servers could possibly be where claimed. So they could well be "A".

0) https://www.ivpn.net/privacy-guides/how-to-verify-physical-l...

It must be HMA. They list two servers in the Vatican. No chance they have two servers in the Vatican.

Pitcairn Island is even more of a tipoff. The nation's Internet access is provided through a 5 Mbps satellite link, and the electricity shuts off at 10 PM. [1] There's no way a company has colocated a VPN server there.

[1]: http://visitpitcairn.pn/already_booked/

PureVPN, Ivacy, and a few others (unsure if IAPS still exist in 2019) are large liars

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