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> How many Boomers actually wore tie dye every day, smoked pot, and lived in free love communes?

I thought they hung out at burger joints and necked in large finned cars in drive-in theaters. (Think Grease, Back to the Future and Happy Days). Or is that the silent generation?

All those were set in the 50s, the boomers were born after the war in 1945 at the earliest (this one is fairly well delineated, compared to the other generations). So that's a previous generation.

Who are the most well-known boomer characters in the media? John Rambo and the cast of FMJ?

You might have a different taste in media from the American public, but it's surely Oprah and Trump. For fictional characters, maybe the cast of Cheers? Or Seinfeld?

Seinfeld is a boomer?! Holy crap, he is 64 years old, I thought he was an early Xer.

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