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Spending your days to appeal for likes on an imagination-based platform seems a little excessive. A great example of how a platform could be used for something great, but isn't.

One of my passions is restoring, upgrading and modifying old computers and games consoles. I'm very active on IG sharing pictures of my work - and they're generally not very good pictures! I couldn't care less about likes and followers (I have about 700 followers and my posts typically get less than 100 likes) but I have met a lot of likeminded people on there, bounced ideas off of each other and had lots of inspiration for future projects.

My posts have even lead to the odd DM conversation with a minor industry "celebrity" or two - Id Software's John Romero and the British tech journalist Jason Bradbury being two recent examples off the top of my head.

I suppose I just wanted to share an example of the platform being used for something other than shameless vanity. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my weird hobby and there are plenty of others out there. Of course a forum might be a better place to discuss these things, but Instagram is very quick and easy.

That said, even in the retro tech circles there are the girls whose feeds are endless poses with their boobs hanging out holding an N64 controller and somehow have millions of followers...

This is literally their job in some cases. Once they have a sufficiently large following they start putting out ads and getting sponsorships. Presumably it's a form of artistic expression, although I cannot claim to truly understand the appeal of their content.

There are certainly cases where I could see it becoming a real problem, especially for younger people. However, nothing stops you from using the platform for something great! Be the change you want to see in the world.

Well people get payed enough to afford 1.5k apartments in west LA

The best use I've found for it is figuring out which of the people I know are fake, shallow and attention starved... and then avoiding those people.

Cat memes

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