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Super nice. Despite presence of weebly, gumroad, shopify, squarespace, carrd et al, there is something missing that would put the rest of world on web, I feel; much like how WhatsApp has replaced most modes of personal communication in one fell swoop over the years, and how Twitter has taken over micro-blogging (key point: Both are free).

To do that, I guess, 1mb or similar businesses could add capability to create a website, post to it, update it via something as ubiquitous as WhatsApp, kind of like a Tumblr or posterous clone; add ability to accept payments, sell things.

Curiously, among my friends, telegram is used to consume content. They subscribe to telegram-channels and simply search for content posted and browse it right from the app. Much like how YouTube has replaced games, and Instagram has replaced Facebook, telegram in a sense has replaced Google/Browser.

Perhaps, someone needs to invent a new kind of web that is in symbiosis with WhatsApp or these other very popular apps. I guess that is exactly what Meesho [0] is doing, but not quite? May be some business like 1mb will figure it all out.

[0] https://blog.ycombinator.com/meesho/

WhatsApp is aggressively anti automation unless you're a big business. I'd definitely go for updates via email, though.

Whatsapp is opening it's biz API [0], hence founders are publicly speaking against it [1]. If you are big you get it first indeed.

[0]: https://www.twilio.com/whatsapp [1]: https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/26/whatsapp-founder-brian-act...

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